A single door to a wider world

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10 januari 2024 av
A single door to a wider world
Digital Alfa Nordic AB, Jay Melia
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Back in the summer of 2022 several of our customers were seeking to rapidly scale up development teams with high-quality resources. Projects placed on hold during the pandemic were suddenly more urgent and in many cases somewhat altered by the post pandemic behavioural changes. There was lots of work about but not enough qualified people to fill the vacancies. Recruitment competition and staff shortages over the previous 5 years had led to inflated salary expectations and were driving costs beyond what the market would bear.

But it was also doing something else; something quite bad for the industry. We noticed that we were no longer seeing people with 8-10 years' experience, we were seeing people who had changed jobs for the money several times, but were doing the same thing as before. So they had 4 or 5 lots of 2 years' experience. No seniority, no leadership training, often no training at all.

 As veterans of the global outsourcing world we had seen many times what happens when you place a function, rather than placing a capability in a location. There is no career path. People stagnate or move on rapidly. And here we were looking at the same problem from a different angle. The career paths existed but no one was on them.

We spoke with many agencies, as well as consulting and software companies like ourselves. We spoke to universities and trade bodies. And we spoke to our customers. Everyone agreed that the industry demands both co-located and virtual talent pools that stretch from student interns, to graduates, to senior developers and architects. In our search for the right people we found dozens of agencies offering us groundhog day, often at wildly different rates. When we did find candidates and asked about availability immediate became three months, or we would be told they had just accepted another position. Over time, however, we found and established close working relations with growing and visionary companies like ourselves across the EU and beyond. And we all agreed that collaboration was better than competition when it came to finding the right talent for our customers' needs.

Our search also led us to an amazing discovery. Da Nang, in central Vietnam. Not only were we completely wowed by the fabulous beaches, the world-renowned cuisine, and the incredible warmth of the people, but also we found that the local government investment department, the two major universities and a lot of small and medium sized companies were completely focussed on building exactly what we were looking for. We immediately partnered with two companies of very different sizes and are now merging with one of them, bringing a growing team of amazing young people to meet your business needs. .

So we bring you something we think is unique in the industry. We offer some of the most experienced technical leaders in Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK backed by a network of some of the most creative technologists on the planet in Vietnam, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Brazil, Costa Rica and more. No job is too big for us and none is too small!

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