Advance - apply leading edge technology to your business

Consulting - the intersection of science, technology and business

The combination of our decades of experience setting innovation agendas with our partners' knowledge and research of academic and business leaders enables us to take on challenges at the cutting edge of technology. We are divergent thinkers who work with you to realise everything you envisioned. Plus a few things you might not have. 

Nothing makes us happier than seeing great ideas come to fruition


IoT, AI and Digital Twin technologies

Information is the lifeblood of the digital business. We blend real-time, historical and predictive information to models of your business that turn it into a living and evolving replica of what is happening in the physical world. These digital twins enable you to conduct what-if scenario modelling so that you can react quickly to changes and get the edge over your competitors.

We have developed technologies to address our customers challenges in Green Last Mile logistics and Integrated Care for Older People. What can we do for you?

Research and development

We have close relationships with academic institutions that not only ensure that we get access to some of the best talent as they enter the workplace but also provide us with access to their research departments', masters and doctorate faculty and students.

Through direct dialogue and sponsorship of research programmes and hackathons we can bring some of the most creative and energetic young minds to your future challenges.