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Integrated Care for Older People (ICOPE)

A Healthcare 5.0 approach to address the care crisis in Europe

What is ICOPe

The World Health Organisation, WHO, has produced guidance for person-centred assessment and pathways in primary care that helps community health and care workers to develop personalised care plans. 

The care plan may include multiple interventions to manage declines in intrinsic capacity, provide social care and support, support self-management and support caregivers. The domains of intrinsic capacity include cognitive decline, limited mobility, malnutrition, visual impairment, hearing loss and depressive symptoms.

How does Digital Alfa help?

Digital Alfa Healthcare has designed a comprehensive social care solution for older people and vulnerable adults living in care homes, sheltered housing, retirement villages, and the community.

Our solution offers an incredible number of options that can be adapted to the individual citizen's needs and abilities, brining together all the services and professional providers along with all of the social connections to friends, family and each other in a single integrated platform. Older people remain connected in real-time to all the things they need to maintain a lifestyle that is a independent as their care needs allow but always putting them at the centre of the network.

Green Last Mile Delivery (GLaD)

Using a digital twin to meet environmental targets in a world of convenience

What is GLaD?

GLaD is part of a wider EU initiative to solve the perpetual problem of how to address congestion, and pollution in our cities and towns while increasing the speed, hours of service and volume of items being delivered to us where we are. This includes our homes, places of business, convenience stores, even the hairdresser's.  As the use of e-commerce grows ever more it follows that there will be more trucks, vans, cars and motorbikes moving things around our cities. 

But while this is going on, the climate crisis demands that our city planners, municipalities and governments do more to keep our cities freer from pollution and to reduce emissions to levels required to stop runaway climate change. Congestion charges, restricted access hours, and ultra-low emission policies keep the numbers of vehicles passing through their areas of control to levels that meet their targets but just don't work with the new commercial models. It is a dilemma.

How does Digital Alfa help?

Digital Alfa have been working with several companies wishing to make better use of sustainable last mile delivery and logistics technologies. Our solution was to focus on what is being delivered rather than the vehicle that is doing the delivery.

By building a digital twin of the loadspace and applying loads, target addresses and priorities to it it we were able to work out how best to fill the loadspace so that it could be dropped off in the most efficient manner possible. Heavier items are loaded at the bottom of the space to improve stability and wear of the vehicle, and are then dropped off first so that the vehicle travels as short a distance as possible while it is consuming most energy.

Applying multi carrier micro logistics centres to the mix means fewer, better-loaded vehicles on our city roads.

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