Evolve - change only what needs to change

Portfolio wellbeing

Digital Alfa's team of specialist engineers will work with you to understand your application portfolio in depth, identify and manage risks and issues and help you to establish priorities and focus areas that will keep all your applications in the right shape for your business.

Targeted investment yields better results than wholesale transformations and will deliver on your digitalisation commitments with greater timeliness and cost efficiency.


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Application modernisation

Applications have a lifecycle, just like everything else. Business needs change, regulations change and technology becomes obsolete. At Digital Alfa we are master innovators. We work closely with you to fully understand what your business requirements are and then guide you to the most cost effective and most innovative solution that will bring tangible business benefits in the shortest time.

We focus on value and quality and deliver solutions that exceed expectations

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Cloud and Digital Transformation

The era of lift and shift has come to an end. Simply taking an application portfolio and implementing it in costly containers in a public cloud will rarely meet your business expectations.

Using the Portfolio Wellbeing assessment we can help you identify what to change in which order to become cloud-ready before we help you make that transition.

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Digital Alfa has chosen Cast Software as our AI driven Software Intelligence partner

Cast is the class-leading solution to enable our customers to set the right priorities to ensure their business can evolve to the next level.