Cast Software - "What exactly does 'messing with the big boys' entail?"

Digital Alfa partner with for Software Intelligence, Transformation Planning and Portfolio Wellbeing.

Probably my favourite ever line from The Young Ones (now only a distant memory for us old ones)! 

So what exactly does "messing with the big boys" entail? And how does this relate to Portfolio wellbeing? Or Cast Highlight?  

Cast Software Partners

The world's largest outsourcers, consulting firms, and service integrators have partnerships with Cast Software. Mostly they use it to understand the application portfolio landscape that they have just taken on and help them set their priorities.

We bring that learning to you. You decide what to prioritise to suit your business goals!

Our consultants help you to explore your environment, decide what matters to you, configure the Software Intelligence service, and help interpret the results that tell you what you need to know before your start your transformation journey, and how to keep current in a world of rapid change.

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